CCSG Presidential Team

The president is the head of the CEMS Club St. Gallen. They support and coach the team wherever possible and represent the club during local and international CEMS or HSG events and activities. They are responsible for external affairs of the CEMS Club and thus act as a representative during different events.


Their tasks include: 


  • Coordination of the entire team, setting of the semester’s agenda 

  • External representation of the CEMS Club, e.g. in Information Sessions for interested students and other similar events

  • Responsibility for legal matters such as the general assembly and the club bylaws

  • Organisation of meetings with university representatives and the HSG CEMS Office

  • Participation in the CEMS Club Conference, taking place once a semester, to exchange insights and best practices with other schools’ CEMS Club presidents


The VP supports the president and is responsible for internal affairs as well as knowledge management of the CCSG. They are  accountable for the long-term success and continuity of the CCSG by ensuring high quality hand-overs and knowledge documentation.


Their tasks include: 

  • Coordination of board and team meetings and the creation of a productive and supporting environment, making sure that every board member and team member can use individual strengths and insights to contribute to the CCSG

  • Supporting the president in any strategic and operative matters

  • Keeping up with knowledge management and making sure that all board members are documenting their work for their successors

  • Coordination of handover activities



Board Individual - Saga.jpg

Saga Sjöstedt

 FGV São Paulo & HSG

Board Individual - Valentina.jpg

Valentina Ablondi
Aalto University & HSG